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Energy materializes according to the function.
Concepts. Ideology. Strategy.

The technology allows to pack business structures to be managed by professional shareholders.

Making dreams come true.


corporate white book, company mission and values
«White book»
A strategic corporate document, a description of the basic idea and strategy, the mission and principles of the company, development strategies, organizational structure, visual description of business processes
business process upgrade, clear structure
Audit and upgrade business processes
Description and regulation of the logical sequence of actions of structural elements
Concepts ideology propaganda strategy sratagems
Strategic sessions
Concepts. Ideology. Strategies. Stratagems.
company reputation management, reputation risks
Reputation Management
Grow reputation capital, cut the reputation risks, develop competitive advantages to grow capitalization
PR SMM media
PR support
Outsource a PR specialist with the competencies of a strategist, manager, researcher, web analytics, copywriter, smm, event-manager
smm media
Development of communication plans and social networks plan based on the company strategy

For whom?

Can be used for the projects:
Turn an idea into a real project. A dream will take on flesh when it becomes a complex, calculated project, with specific and measurable metrics and a deadline.
Business sale
Prepare the company for sale. A business is valued higher if it has a transparent structure, clear internal metrics and effective leverage.
Owner quits operational management
The success of a business should not depend on a specific person, even if it is company owner. Efficient structure which can be scaled will require a precise description of transaferrable management technology.
Do you know this?
We also know and we know what to do.
Force Majeure and Avral
Force Majeure and Avral
Emergency situations, confusion in a process, heroism in the finding a solution.
"Essential" employees
Manipulative behavior of employees with good results.
Employees irresponsibility
At a very difficult moment not clear who should accept responsibility and eliminate the consequences.
sales plans
Regular sales plan failure
The sales department has become a "novel department" and tells amazing "stories" why it is not possible to give a result.
Marketing? PR?
Owner and top management has no clear view of responsibility and performance criteria of the marketing, advertising, PR departments.
"Fake news"
The appearance in the media field of negative information about the company or its product.
Do you really manage?
A person who is dependent on an idea does not belong to himself anymore. He belongs to those who control the idea.
Just business
and it is possible.
Increase business value
A business project is more expensive when it has a transparent structure and measurable business parameters.
Delegate operational management
"White Book" is a detailed manual instruction to the business structure.
Do not get stuck in one project
Run as many business projects as you expect.
Build projects with the potential to outgrow the professional environment
Only a well-structured projects can be accepted by meta-system. This means success is not a question.
Our management team
We want to be a catalyst for changes in our business environment
Evgeny Klochkov
Founder. Managing partner.
MBA, certified NLP master (M.A.NLP), specialist in communication management, crisis management.
Maria Tatarenko
PR Director
Graduated from the Russian University of Transport Engineers, International University in Moscow, Charles University in Prague.
She has experience in developing PR strategies and anti-crisis communications, working with media agencies, CSR, market analysis, industry expertise, press monitoring, copywriting, cooperation with partners from luxury segment market. Worked for EY, A1, GlobalJet
Irina Zalenskaya
Director for Project Operations Support
Graduated from the Saratov State Socio-Economic University, Faculty of Accounting and Economics. She worked in TNK-BP and branch offices ща ROSNEFT. She has experience in developing methodologies and processes for operational support of business, workflow processes and financial control of contractual processes
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